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Magichour Corporation

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Panomate is a web service that converts spherical panoramic photos captured by RICOH THETA into panoramic contents that are suitable for real estate business.

● Creation of three different content types
One panoramic photo can be converted into three different content types easily.

  1. Panoramic VR steel
    You can look at the steel photo by moving your viewpoint in 360 degrees. Panomate realizes the distortion-free high-quality panoramic display.
  2. Photo movie
    Portions of the panoramic steel are selected for detailed presentation and they are shown in a slide show. Distortion-free photo steels are extracted, and sales person can appeal the particular real estate with visual effect. RICOH THETA eliminates the needs for extra cameras (for movie) and the preparation is very efficient.
  3. Panoramic GIF animation
    A GIF animation movie where the viewpoint moves around is automatically created.
    A GIF animation is suitable for SNS such as Twitter since it attracts people's attention and can convey much information quickly through people's visual senses.

● Additional information
You can enter additional information to the high-quality lively panoramic VR to make the photos more valuable for business purposes. You can enter the names of the real estate and rooms that can be shown simultaneously, and the explanation of what you see as the viewpoint moves. In the future, we plan to add a coordination function with layout plan by combining this application with our layout plan application.

● Saving/Publication in the cloud
The created content is stored in the cloud server maintained by us and can be browsed and the content can be re-edited any time. Individual URL issued for each content can be embedded in one's website or SNS message and so you can publish/share the content easily.

● Best for real estate business
Distortion-free panoramic display is great for real estate business. You can create a bundle of panoramic VR and photo movie made from many panoramic photos into one bundle (= one URL) so that you can display each room seamlessly in one real estate one after another.

● Environment for replay
The created content can be shown in PC, smartphone or tablet. So there is no restriction in the replay environment.
(* We plan to extend the environment to cover more platforms.) The player for Panorama VR/photo movie supports embedded link as well as ordinary link, and so it is easy to use embedded links in one's own website.

The judges got a good impression of clearly defined target of the application. Although there is not much impact on the imagination or innovation, this submission received high evaluation from the viewpoint of the practical use and perfection. Tiny details such as displaying of comments depending on the view angle make the judges feel that there will be demands once this submission is commercialized.

Interview with the award winners
We’re very happy to receive the prize. We made the work focusing on practical use. We’d like to make useful gadgets for business users in the future.