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A gadget that one can create now easily.

Explore inside your mouth with MOUTHETA, a piece of paper.

Very simple.

All you need is a sheet of white paper.

Although simple, this may make it possible in the future to receive medical advice based on the image you capture.

Let's explore the inside of your mouth.

You put a RICOH THETA into your mouth and take photos: you can have a vicarious experience as if you had gone into your mouth.
You can explore the back side of the teeth which is not easily visible usually.

We use RICOH THETA m15 which can be put into children's mouths easily.

Initially, we tried adding LED tape around the camera, or simple vacuum hose to keep moisture forming on the lens due to one's breath.
However, it was far from an "easy" to use camera.

So we focused on the concept of easy to try "participatory gadget" instead this time. Please try it for yourself.

This caused a strong response among the judges because of its fresh approach :-) There are many images of the inside of mouth, but "MOUTHETA" brings a very unique viewpoint literally. This is exactly an application/work that "takes you to where no one has been before" and the chief judge himself also stated "This is interesting!”

Interview with the award winners
We’re very happy. It’s very easy to create the gadget by using a piece of A4 size paper, so give it a try. Enjoy exploring inside your mouth!