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THETA EYE can distribute live streaming spherical image on a web browser via a website.
RICOH THETA S has a live-streaming mode that uses Wi-Fi. However, its reach is only about 20 meters radius. So you can see the image only near RICOH THETA S. THETA EYE can stream the video image to anywhere using the Internet. Furthermore, the streamed video image can be viewed on various devices such as a PC, tablet, or smartphone.
This application uses WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) and WebGL to implement the features. Using WebRTC, we can achieve bi-directional communication. WebGL allows us to view the image from RICOH THETA as spherical image.


  • Assignment of connection ID
  • Transmission of live streaming image
  • The transmitted data is sent as VR image
  • Bi-directional communication of image and sound
  • The image can be viewed as spherical image
  • The gyro sensor on the smartphone is supported

Usage Examples

  • Transmission of scenes at a party or an event venue
  • Transmission of the in-store image to let the customers know the atmosphere
  • Caring after small children, or surveillance at home

This app can provide the remote image in a very lively manner. Spherical images can convey the atmosphere of a place much better than ordinary images. The preparation for the transmission and reception is very simple and easy.
Transmission side only needs to start RICOH THETA S in live streaming mode, and connect it to a PC and open a distribution site via a web browser. Reception is simply done by opening the distribution website and enter PeerID to see the live stream image. Let's enjoy a new mode of communication using this app.

Recommended environment

  • Firefox ver. 48 or newer
  • Chrome ver. 52 or newer
  • Smartphone / Tablet OS
    Android™ 6.0 or newer

RICOH released the Cloud API beta version during the contest application period this year. This has produced a genre of submissions that distribute live streaming images. This work has been given the highest evaluation among the peers from the viewpoint of "future possibilities and innovation." For example, using this system at construction sites would be deemed very practical.

Interview with the award winners
We are very delighted to receive the Second Prize at this contest. Actually, this was the first time we built an app, and so receiving an award at the first try was very encouraging for me. I came up with the idea of THETA EYE when I thought of an application that takes RICOH THETA’s 360 degree spherical image, and simple and yet useful.It is an application that allows people to see RICOH THETA’s images from a distance using a smartphone。I think it has usage in many scenes. I think the function can be enhanced according the needs of the users. Using this contest as a motivation, I wish to continue developing future apps.