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80th Anniversary Prize


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A magical application that can capture only the stationery scenery using RICOH THETA S!
You can remove the moving objects in 360-degree background using image processing from the final image.

Users of RICOH THETA S know too well that people get into the picture or you enter the image when you want to capture only the background scenery.
With this app, you can!

■ Operation is simple and easy!
Place RICOH THETA S somewhere and use the app to take images and the stationery scenery without moving people is captured magically!

■ You can fine-tune RICOH THETA S setting, too!
Shutter speed and sensitivity (ISO) can be set. You can check the setting in real time.
You can obtain beautiful panorama photos indoors and outdoors by tuning the parameters.

■ Freeze if you want to be in the final image!
If you would like to be in the final image, do not move!

■ Create "Modern Art" by moving RICOH THETA!
Move RICOH THETA intentionally to create unusual images.
"Modern Art" images that are the composition of many images are created.

In the works submitted last year, there was one work that "removed the photographer's hand" from the image. In a sense, this "VANISH360" is an extended version of that idea. Its perfection and ease of use gave the judges very favorable impression. There may crop up the features such as removing the images of old fogies like some of the judges :-)

Interview with the award winners
We really appreciate the 80th Anniversary Prize. We felt the evolution of apps be one step beyond the evolution of home electric appliances by looking at other works of this contest. We’d like to develop many new apps in the future.